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David Cameron pledged that 1/3 of his Ministers would be women by the end of his first term as Prime Minister.

Well 2015 is not far away and, after the latest reshuffle in July 2014 there are still only five women members of the full¬† Cabinet. Two more ‘attend Cabinet’ but are not full members. In the Government as a whole only 31 of the 119 Government ministers are women. This means that decisions of national importance are being made without women round the table. We can and must do better than this.

We think that there is still time for the Prime Minister to put this right and meet his (modest) self-imposed target. If you agree with us, add your name to the growing number of women and men calling on him to honour his promise. We will keep you updated about progress, and we will also send you our occasional enewsletter updating you about our campaign as a whole.

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I ask the Prime Minister to keep his promise that one third of all ministerial places will be held by women by 2015.


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Make sure David Cameron keeps his promise to have 1/3 of his ministers be women by the end of his first term as Prime Minister.

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