How can we make things better?


The lack of women in politics is not an easy problem to solve, but a few changes could make a real difference.

We need to make the UK’s political culture work for, not against, women.


Equality = Good politics

► We need to change the culture of parliament: The House of Commons routinely sits until 10 pm at night, there is no consistent agreed parental leave policy for MPs and little in the way of childcare support for Members. For more info download our Charter for Equality.
► Political parties must do more to encourage women:  Very few people break into politics without the support of a political party, but all too often women considering standing as candidates come up against old fashioned and sexist attitudes about the role of women in public life. Make sure David Cameron keeps his promise to improve women’s representation by signing the petition.
► The media needs to change tack: Women in politics can find themselves subject to the kind of media attention men in public life rarely experience – with their actual views and voting records given scant attention in comparison to their appearance.

► YOU need to get involved! You can help us achieve equality in our democracy. We all have a role to play in making our politics better so find out how you can take action today…

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