What’s the problem?


A child born today will be drawing her pension before she has an equal voice in the government of her country. We can do better than that.

There are currently more millionaires than women in the Cabinet. Just 22 per cent – or 1 in 5  - members of the Westminster Parliament are women and the number of women MPs has increased by only 4 per cent since 1997.

Women have a right to an equal say in politics. Decisions of national importance – about everything from whether to go to war to what to teach in our schools –  are being made without women round the table: the different experiences and perspectives of one half of the country are not being heard.

The lack of women at the top table of politics sends a clear signal to other walks of life:  it’s ok to cut women out from positions of power. We don’t think it is. Take action now…

What’s the solution?

Ensuring women have a greater presence and voice in politics requires action on many fronts: we need to change the UK’s political culture so it works for not against women; political parties must do more to recruit and promote women; the media must treat women in public life with respect. Find out more…


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