About Counting Women In


The Counting Women In campaign is aiming for 50/50 gender representation at all levels of national, local and devolved government. We will be fighting to ensure women have an equal presence and voice in British politics. Join us.


► Why things needs to change

Only five of the 23 Cabinet ministers are women. Shamefully there are currently more millionaires than women in the Cabinet. Find out more about why things need to change…


► How we can make things better

The lack of women’s representation in politics is not an easy problem to solve but we need to make the UK’s political culture work for not against female candidates. Find out how we can make things better…


► What you can do

We need your support to tackle the democratic deficit facing British politics. Find out how you can take action.


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Make sure David Cameron keeps his promise to have 1/3 of his ministers be women by the end of his first term as Prime Minister.

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