Who is storing your data?

Counting Women In is a coalition that campaigns to increase the representation of women at all levels of politics.

Counting Women In collects names, addresses and other personal details of its supporters and other contacts (together “Contacts”) for the purpose of administering its campaign and providing information to those people about the campaign where they have consented to receive it. It may also keep financial details relating to donations and purchases of campaign materials and merchandise. All such information is included in the term “Personal Data”.

All Personal Data collected through the Counting Women In site and its social media micro-sites (Facebook, Twitter etc) is managed jointly by the campaign’s five founding partners: the Centre for Women and Democracy, the Electoral Reform Society, the Fawcett Society, the Hansard Society and Unlock Democracy. The Centre for Women and Democracy is the Data Controllers for the campaign. The Fawcett Society is managing the process of collecting and storing the data – it is the campaign’s Data Processor.

What will we do with your data?

The Counting Women In campaign will not share Personal Data with any person or organisation or publicise any Personal Data except:

  • where Counting Women In is compelled to do so by applicable law, or to protect the rights of other subjects of Personal Data; or
  • where express permission has been given by the subject of the Personal Data for such sharing; or
  • where it is necessary for specific information to be used by persons acting in the ordinary course of Counting Women In’s operations to provide some service that the subject of the Personal Data has expressly requested;


Personal Data will be used only for the collective mission of the Counting Women In campaign and not for the individual use of any of the campaign’s founding partners.

If you opted to receive further information about the Counting Women In campaign you will receive e-mail communications from the campaign in the future. You can unsubscribe from this at any time by following the instructions on the e-mails you receive.

If you indicated that you did not want to receive more information your details will be stored safely and you will not be contacted further.

Should you wish to know what personal information of yours the Counting Women In campaign has stored, you can request a copy of it in writing to The Fawcett Society, 1-3 Berry Street, London EC1V 0AA and the Counting Women In campaign will be obligated to deliver the information to you.

By adding your details to one or more of the actions of the Counting Women In campaign you are making it possible for the campaign to:

  • Make sure that our political leaders and others know you are closely following the decisions that are made that affect the representation of women in politics and public life;
  • Create overall totals of the number of people taking actions (e.g. signing a petition) for use in the media.
  • Stay in touch and update you on progress with the campaign and upcoming issues and events that might be of interest to you.

Counting Women In is exempt from registering with the Office of the Information Commissioner as we are a not for profit, unincorporated association. We do however comply with its best practice guidelines.  Enquiries concerning this registration should be addressed to Charlie Woodworth at the postal address above, or Charlie.Woodworth@fawcettsociety.org.uk.


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